Pulp Vitality Test

Pulp Vitality Testing helps in a full understanding of the dental pulp's overall health

Pulp vitality testing is a key part of a comprehensive endodontic examination. The testing is done to get a full understanding of the dental pulp's overall health.

  • It is used both on patients experiencing no dental pain and for those who report feeling pain due to hot or cold stimuli in a specific area of their mouth

In order to render proper treatment, a complete endodontic diagnosis must include both a pulpal and a periapical diagnosis for each tooth evaluated


  • One of the most well-established tools for the evaluation of pulp vitality is the electric pulp test or EPT.
  • The electric test is performed with an electric pulp tester (EPT). This monopolar device flows high-frequency electrical current from the probe tip through the tooth
  • The EPT measures the vitality of the dental pulp indirectly, by sending a gradually increasing electrical current through the tooth to stimulate a sensory response.


Watch the video for more information. Stay tuned for more information videos

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