Restorative / Cosmetic Dentistry Everlasting Smiles ORAL HEALTH CONSULTATION Whether you are 80 or 8, your oral health is important. We will conduct a thorough dental examination and would like to help. A thorough 🦷 consultation Ex Indian Army Dental Officer Over 35 years of Indian 🇮🇳 Army Dental Corps experience 🦷 High Quality Instruments Equipped with Digital X-ray & Intra Oral Cameras IDA APPROVED

Advanced Dentistry

Offering services across General dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Dentures, Implants etc

High Quality Equipment

Good dentists know their tools. With over 35 years of experience working as an Army Dental commanding officer, we know what you need

Comfortable Clinic

The clinic is on the ground floor and is equipped with a a heater, A/C, a mini fridge, a rest room and a waiting room.

Friendly Staff

Our staff is very amicable and will humbly help you while you are offered top consultation and treatments.

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A Visit to the dentist isn't expensive. Neglect is.

Oral Hygiene is a reflection of the physiological, social and psychological factors that determine the your quality of life.

Welcome to Lotus Dental Center

Lotus Dental Center is a modern dental clinic, specialised in advanced diagnostics and treatment of dental and oral disorders across varying degrees of criticality.

We offer comprehensive services from all fields of dentistry. In addition to high-end dental equipment, all services are provided in a comfortable, sanitised environment.


Comprehensive Dental Services

All of our treatments and services are provided in a comfortable, spa-like clinic, designed according to high-quality standards.

Dental Anxiety

We offer a range of services to help you overcome fear and finally enjoy good oral health.

Missing Teeth

We can restore your smile, as well as speaking & eating ability with advanced prosthetics.

Tooth Pain

Toothache can be caused by various problems. An examination can help to determine it.

Periodontal Disease

We offer a variety of periodontal treatments, customized for your specific health needs.
Meet your Doctors

Let us be the guiding force behind that smile

With a plethora of experience under our belt, you can be rest assured that your teeth are in safe hands. Hands that ensure that the treatment goes pain-free 🙂

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